Meet You at the Studio: Skipping Bars for Yoga

Workout studios & wellness spaces are becoming the new "third space" for millennial women, over bars and malls ( We love this trend toward combining socializing and wellness -- why not get a sweat session in and get hang time with your bestie afterward over a bite or a mani? Below, check out three Team AYA approved studios in NYC. 

Dancebody studio nyc

Calyn wears the Blocked Dart Bra + Signature Legging.

East River Pilates

East River Pilates certainly has chill vibes and reflects interior #goals in Instagram photos, but don't be fooled. The workouts are intense and effective. There are three types of workouts offered: Mat, Springboard, and Reformer.

The instructors are knowledgeable experts in Pilates techniques and offer instruction for every student level. For a schedule and description of classes click here.

Mile High Run Club

Try a class at one of our favorite running studios, Mile High Run Club. It's a great option for everyone from beginners to seasoned runners because the studio offers different types of classes for all level with expert run coaches.

A quick "Dirty 30" will get you in for a thirty-minute run, while a "Dash 28" class involves about 28 minutes of running plus kettlebell exercises. There are classes with longer run durations, themed classes, and opportunities to join outdoor runs as well. Click here to see a schedule.


Tatyane, As You Are founder, loves Bodyrok, a Pilates studio that uses a custom reformer to shape and tone. She says, "Bodyrok offers a totally different Pilates class. It's a sweat dripping, legs shaking, heart-rate up class that tones and lengthens. It's one of the best fitness classes I have taken. The instructors are very attentive and make the intense classes go by in no time."

However, what makes Bodyrok truly rock is that "They are also very good at giving you that bit of individual attention to adjust a movement or keep it up. And I could tell that the classes are well planned to tone every single muscle group. Each class has different movements, so you never know what to expect." Check out studio locations and book a class here.

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